Obigbo Massacre: Court orders release of 29 residents illegally detained by Army

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A Magistrate Court at Wuse in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, has granted bail to 29 residents of Obigbo in Rivers State that were detained by the Nigerian Army in Abacha Army Barracks and other secret dungeons in Abuja.

The affected persons were detained after the recent military operation in the South-South area.

International Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law (Intersociety) had accused Nigeria Army of allegedly arrested and detained over 400 Obigbo residents in Rivers state, all Christians and mostly Igbo citizens. 

The human rights group said out of the 400 or more, 150 have been discovered to be held indefinitely and incommunicado in secret army and police dungeons located in Abuja, FCT, without court trial.

However, the Chief Magistrate of the court granted them bail following the application filed on their behalf by International Human Rights Lawyer, Richard Ebuka Okoroafor.

Barr Okoroafor had filed the bail application for the first 30 detainees.

One of the victims, though, could not be granted bail on religious ground after he claimed he is a Judaist and not a Christian.

The court, thereby, directed that he should look for a Rabbi to stand surety for him.

Meanwhile, the conditions for bail and releases of the 29 persons are being perfected.

The bail applications of the rest 150 will be reportedly processed after the yuletide holidays.

See list of the detainees below:

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