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Ebonyi State Governor and APC presidential aspirant, David Umahi, yesterday, lamented what he described as sabotage and betrayal of the 2023 South East presidency project by delegates and some leaders of the zone, including the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, George Obiozor.

Umahi, who secured 38 votes out of the 39 delegates’ votes from Ebonyi, blamed the outcome of the convention on South East delegates, whom he accused of selling their votes for money.

He lamented that it was a big shame that delegates from the zone sold their votes to the highest bidder instead of voting for candidates from the region if only to make a statement.

He claimed that leaders of the zone were not sincere about their cries of marginalization and neglect in the region.

He specifically accused Obiozor of abandoning the Igbo presidency project when it mattered most.

He, however, thanked Ebonyi delegates for voting for him during the convention, adding that they have proved their nobility and sincerity beyond words.

Speaking, yesterday, during the maiden matriculation ceremony of the King David University of Medical Sciences, Uburu, Umahi said it was clear that Ndigbo were being taken for granted in the country.

He, therefore, urged the people to go and get their permanent voters’ cards (PVCs) to enable them vote for the candidates of their choice in 2023.

“First, let me say to Ebonyi people, you are wonderful people, the presidential election was a great eye-opener to every son and daughter of Ebonyi State and with your support, we fought very gallantly.

“I had a series of meetings with the party’s chairmen in the five states of the zone in the company of its national vice chairman.

“I implored the delegates that the issue was not about me but the mood of the Igbo in the nation.

“I implored that they should vote for any South East aspirant so that when the votes are counted, we would not be missing.

“We would have made a strong statement in the process that the Igbo are eminently qualified with due capacity to lead the country.

“There was no sort of lobbying I did not receive but I maintained that it was about bringing the marginalization of the Igbo to the fore.

“The setting of the nation is well skewed against any contest for Igbo man, while every other zone has about eight states or more and South East has only five, how do you expect an Igbo man to win a contest under this kind of arrangement.

“Obiozor could not stand for Igbo when it mattered so much, it is a very big shame, I have no confidence in him and he is no longer my president. In the comity of South East, Ebonyi people are not regarded, I continue to say Ebonyi will never be Biafra.

“I weep for our leaders, we are now regarded as people that will sell anything for the sake of money, it is about equity, justice, and fairness upon which I continue to shout for the unity of this country.

“I am the governor of Ebonyi State, the only agenda I have for South East now is Ebonyi agenda, I continue to say he who sells his brother, even the buyer will not trust him.

“Anyone that fights against the interest of Ebonyi people in the South East, I will fight the person publicly, Ndigbo, get your PVCs and bond together, you have seen that nobody wants you anymore, we have the fighting spirit and the spirit of our founding fathers have been rekindled to fight for us.

“When honourable people are needed in South East, they will come to Ebonyi State, everything is not money,” he said.

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