On Biafra, a little reminder by Charles Ogbu | NN NEWS

If the Biafran war was between just the Nigerian side and the Biafran side, with the kind of technological wizardry, bravery and determination demonstrated by the Biafrans who produced most of their weapons, the Nigerian side would have had a very tough time in the war. 

If the Biafran war was between just the Biafrans and the Arewa/ North without the help of the Yorubas and other Middle Belt soldiers, by now, every Musa, Adamu and Buhari would be answering “ranka dede sir” to every Emeka and Chinedu somewhere in the East. Only that we are no feudalists. 

Even with all those world powers like Britain, Russia (U.S.S.R) (two enemies who fought on the same side just to stop Biafra but that is a story for another day) Egypt, Morocco and of course Nigeria and with all the blockade from land, air and sea amidst the constant bombardment plus the starvation, the Biafrans still held on for 3 years and even broke so many technological barriers under such an unfriendly environment… 

Even as Nigeria is still unable to refine her own oil in the 21st century 2021, something the Biafrans did back then with ease? 

Chew on this for a moment. 

The Fulanis DID NOT defeat the Biafrans. Nigeria DID NOT defeat the Biafrans. 

World Powers like Britain, Russia, Egypt, etc. did. 

Those who are always quick to boast of how they defeated us in the war will do well to remember this fact. 



Charles Ogbu (Twitter @RealCharlesOgbu) 

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