Open letter to Ndigbo on planned new electricity tariff by EEDC

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By Mazi Agodi Kanu

NDI-IGBO UNITED FORUM (NUF) Worldwide is a registered sociopolitical organization committed to overall Igbo Unity, Interest and Welfare.

This letter falls under our Welfare mandate and since January 2020 we have diplomatically and aggressively pursued the constant and unabated intimidation, extortions, suffocations and recolonization of Ndigbo by Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC).

May we remind us that EEDC is the Company licensed to buy bulk electricity and distribute to consumers in the five Southeast states of Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo.


1. Effective from 1st July 2020, Southeast (NDIGBO) will start paying a new tariff of N48.12/kw instead of N27.11/kw as set by EEDC.

2. This new Tariff is the highest tariff that will be paid by any Region in Nigeria. In fact, our parents and grandparents in the villages will be paying higher than the ministers, Ambassadors and moguls in Asokoro, Aso Villa, Maitama, Victoria Island, Ikeja, Kano, Bornu, Kano, Sokoto and etc;

3. EEDC is not a Federal or State government establishment but a private company owned by Nigerians of IGBO extraction. Therefore, our problem is self-inflicted;

4. The Hon Minister of Power lied that EEDC and other DISCOs arrived at the new tariff after extensive consultations with consumers and stakeholders. Ndigbo, you are aware that they never consulted you or your communities they usually slam estimated bills;

5. EEDC has refused to make prepaid meters available to consumers as directed by NERC the Regulatory authority rather they are comfortable suffocating us with estimated bills contrary to our resolution during our tripartite meeting in Enugu on 4th February, 2020.

6. EEDC has refused to bill unmetered customers the approved N1,800/month effective April, 2020 but they are ready to bill NDIGBO N48.12 from 1st July, 2020;

7. EEDC have the penchant of unleashing Policemen and in some areas Military men on innocent consumers in Southeast.

This nonsensical crude and provocative approach is not obtainable in any other part of Nigeria.

Further to this, we have separately petitioned the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and Chief of Army Staff (COAS) to immediately withdraw and caution their men from molesting harmless and armless consumers least we shall mobilize and fight back.

8. We have initiated the next and final phase of this fight to liberate our people from ÉEDC oppressive tendencies of few greedy and insensitive monopolists.

This step has become necessary since our diplomatic shuttles (letters, meetings) and protest held across southeast on 27th January has failed.

Regrettably our leaders, elected and appointed officials that considered themselves comfortable are silent about this leaving the poor to their fate. We shall win this war.

9. Further to the above, we are calling on ALL consumers in Southeast irrespective of tribe, religion, uniform, color and age resident in Igboland to resist this new tariff that will compound our already precarious economic situation.

New tariff plus estimated billing will kill businesses, create unemployment, increase cost of products, escalate crime and further impoverish us;

10. If EEDC could not obey lawful instructions and agreement to Meter customers, charge N1,800/month for unmetered customers, stop illegal and arbitrary disconnections without writing customers, EEDC THEREFORE CANNOT CHARGE US NEW TARIFF WITHOUT METERING CONSUMERS.

We shall individually and collectively resist this economic rape by EEDC.

11. Every street, neighborhood, communities should set up special EEDC Resistant Team (ERT) to stop EEDC from carrying out further disconnection unless they are there to install meters.

The Churches, Associations, various Youth Organizations, Market unions, Groups and Organized labour should commence mobilization of members to contain the marauding EEDC field workers.

No more shall we be turned to slaves in our own land. It’s either EEDC do the needful or we NDIGBO will execute the needful.

Traditional rulers and Presidents of Town Unions should stop paying outrageous estimated billing to end this EEDC madness once and for all.

Many consumers that paid for meter for weeks, months and years are yet to be metered yet her fancy remained with estimated billing;

12. By this, ALL EEDC field staff involved in field operation or related works especially disconnections are hereby advised to STOP as it will be at their own risk EXCEPT to install meters.

NO DEPLOYMENT OF ARMY AND POLICE will stop this movement.

Besides if those personnel are in Southeast they are also part of EEDC captive victims and should join us to stop this impunity.

13. Finally, we need the support of all Igbos home and abroad, students, clergy, traders, pensioners youths, our parents and men and women of goodwill to liberate our people from this shackle.

Our hope is in you and not on our Governors, Ministers and other comfortable appointees who has failed to first realize that their positions are not permanent and secondly that they will resurface in 2023 to seek for votes of people that elected them whom they have converted to amusing toys by using and discarding them.

14. Ndewonu, Daalunu, Dejeenu, Kaanuu, jokwanuu, mmanmanu, with God we shall prevail and please do accept our esteemed regards.

NDIGBO, we must change our narratives!
Say NO to estimated billings!!
Say NO to new Electricity Tariff!!!


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