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Disturbing signs of violence and vote buying were witnessed in the early hours of the ongoing election in Osun State.

Although there are 15 candidates in the election, political pundits have said it is a rematch between incumbent Governor Gboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Senator Ademola Adeleke of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who squared off in 2018.

The exercise kicked off early in polling units across the 30 Local Government Areas of the state.

However, shortly after election began, there were attempts to induce voters in some polling units while agents and party supporters confronted one another at some places.

At Polling Unit 010, Ward 3, Ife East, there was a disagreement between party members over the money that was shared by some politicians.

It took the intervention of security operatives for calm to be restored.

At Polling Unit 001, Ward 4, Ilesa East Local Government Area (LGA), a woman was seen giving out money to voters after casting their ballot.

The woman started by registering voters’ names in a book after which they showed her their ballot papers before dropping it into the box.

Later someone whispered to her and the woman spoke angrily,  “They said someone has been taking our pictures. They are mad. They know themselves and if they like themselves, they better leave now.”

At Ward 7, Polling Unit 03, Ipetumodu II, Ife North, some politicians rode to different polling units on motorcycles, where they met party agents and gave them cash for distribution to voters who were strategically positioned.

At Polling Unit 003, Ward 1, Ife East LGA, a party agent stood in front of the voting cubicle, nodding at voters who showed him their ballot papers before casting their votes.

There was rowdiness at Polling Unit 08, Ward 8 Ilesa West LGA as prospective voters struggled to cast their votes.

At Polling Unit 002, Ward 1, Atakumosa West LGA, voters engaged in heated argument for close to 10 minutes.

There were reports of thugs attacking voters in Ile Ife LGA.

There are a total of 1,955,657 registered voters in the election which is taking place across 3,763 polling units.

(Daily Trust)

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