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A viral video of the St Monica’s College of Education chaplain kissing three female students has gotten many social media users upset.

In the video, the priest, whose identity is unknown, called and gave each girl a kiss that lasted about two seconds on average.

The first two kisses got the congregants screaming in excitement.

However, the third female student, before and during the act, hesitated but was forced to give in.Many are calling for investigations into the matter and a statement from the school authorities apologising for the action.

Below are some comments on social media:

Silas @Silas34623510

From the video he is not a catholic priest, he is an Anglican priest from St. Monica’s college at Mampong in the Ashanti Region. I know him. His name is father Ricky Larbi

Fosty @KwasiNawil

By now the Anglican Father dey explain things give ein wife say na dem dey practice what he preach to the girls.

#NoPressure @HighestMarvin
wrote; Anglican Priest Ie be normal for them but it’s not right

☬ @0Xqde
wrote; This is an Anglican priest so they do get married, he’s a predator period…it’s not like marrying would change him anyways..

Myla @myla_nifty wrote;

Nana Agraada turned Evangelist… Oboufuor enstooled chief… Anglican Reverend Father giving Holy kiss… And make our nation great and strong…

Aba @Tishinglez

I hope the Anglican Church takes action.

ᵀᵉˡᵉᵗᵘᵇᵇʸ• @teletubby__

The Anglican Reverend Father too be person make he enjoy small wai .. he beg

P A R A G O N @kwame_paragon

Some Catholic Priest engage in worse acts but they’ll never do that in public. If it was a secret recording then I know it will be a Catholic priest. But public naa they won’t. The Anglican Church must punish the pastor and Ghana Police arrest him too.


Reports indicate this is an Anglican priest. Either ways… Still unacceptable.

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