Ozigbo gather momentum as youths trump to Fidelity bank PLC donating to funds his governorship campaign | NN NEWS

Barely hour the former Minister of Aviation, Chief Osita Chidoka on Tuesday appealed to Ndi Anambra to vote for Valentine Ozigbo, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the Anambra governorship election scheduled November 6, 2021. 

 Youths trumping to Fidelity bank Plc to donate in support of the PDP candidate, Valentine Ozigbo. 

Chidoka had in a video passionate appeal in Igbo language, promised and pledge to hold Valentine accountable to 3 things for the young voters;  

1. Use a percentage of budget to fund small businesses.  

2. Turn our state university to a global center of technology training  

3. Rebuild our dilapidated cities to attract young people back to the State.  

However, said If you agree, donate NOW to Friends of Valentine Ozigbo, account number 5700062601, Fidelity bank Plc. 

He also urged the youths, on Saturday to Vote PDP or talk to your family and friends in Anambra to Vote for a new beginning under Valentine Chineto Ozigbo. 

NN News confirming the donation, the former minster thanked Ezeobata Elochukwu Francis for your action, said If we want our politicians to be accountable to us, we the people, we must fund campaigns.  

If you donate, it means you have skin in the game. Data shows that over 60% of donors are more likely to come out to vote. Candidates supported by crowd funding are more likely to deliver public goods to the society.  

Let’s not talk. Let’s act. 

Second person; Thank you, Jasper Jehoshaphat Japhet. Your 1000 Naira will help pay for additional canvasser at a poll unit and the surge of advertising hitting radios and social media in today. 

Trump was a billionaire but contributed only 19% of the over $300M he raised in 2016. Obama contributed 0 of the close to $800M he raised in 2012. Biden contributed 0 to the over 1billion he raised in 2020.  

We want good candidates not rich candidates. 

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