Ozubulu massacre’s: Catholic bishop laments loss of lives, condemns church politics, attack on worshippers | NN NEWS

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Catholic Bishop of Nnewi Diocese, Hilary Okeke, has lamented loss of lives that followed a violent attack on worshippers at St. Philip’s Catholic Church, Ozubulu, Anambra State in 2017. 

The bishop, who spoke yesterday, while re-dedicating the church after it was reconstructed, urged Christians to recognise the sacredness of the church as an institution “under the authority and guidance of God.” 

He said Christ exemplified love and advised Christians to love one another, noting that “love for mankind sets Christianity apart from other religions,” and encouraged all to reward evil with love. 

According to him, being the house of God, the church should be seen as a house of prayer for the faithful, not a place for politics. He also warned against using the church for other activities that do not give glory to God. 

He thanked Aloysius Ikegwuonu, an Ozubulu-born philanthropist, who built the church and for his generosity towards mankind. 

Ikegwuonu thanked God for using him as an instrument for the service of mankind. He also thanked the faithful for their prayers that helped sustain him after the tragedy that befell St. Philip’s Church three years ago, even as he prayed that such ugly incident would not be experienced again. 

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