Panic in Imo as terror herdsmen kidnap 15 passengers

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Fear gripped residents of Eke-Onuimo, in Onuimo Local Government Area of Imo State on Thursday as suspected terror Fulani herdsmen abducted 15 passengers in a bus heading to Owerri. 

The incident which happened exactly at Arondizuogu-Okigwe express road at about 8 am, according to a source claimed that the suspected Fulani herdsmen believed to harbouring around the area jumped out from the bush and abducted the bus fully loaded with passengers and whisked them into the bush in the area. 

The source revealed that the herdsmen also stopped another commercial vehicle and abducted 3 passengers from it and letting others go. 

When contacted for his confirmation on the incident, the State police spokesperson, Bala Elkana could not respond to calls put through to his line. 

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