Peter Obi is the best candidate, Ozonna Soludo dissociate self from father’s attack | NN NEWS

Following the Anambra State Governor, Chukwuma Charles Soludo, attacked on LP’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, in his opinion piece.

Ozonna Soludo via his official verified Facebook handle, disassociate himself from his father’s remark on Peter Obi and declared the LP presidential candidate the best among all other candidates.

He made this via comment at Iwuala Nnamdi Paulcy Facebook wall, said nobody should dragged him into it, however, described Peter Obi the best candidate to beat.

His word, I would appreciate not to dragged into this.

I am not an extension of anybody I have my own opinions and have always said I think Peter Obi is the best candidate.

All this has nothing to do with me.

Soludo had said that Peter Obi knows that he can’t and won’t win,” “He knows the game he is playing, and we know too; and he knows that we know.

“The game he is playing is the main reason he didn’t return to APGA. The brutal truth (and some will say, God forbid) is that there are two persons/parties seriously contesting for president: the rest is exciting drama!

“That many Americans may not like the fact that Joe Biden (79 years) and Donald Trump (76 years) are two frontrunners for president in their parties does not remove the fact that if both of them emerge as candidates, definitely one of them will be president in 2024.”

Iwala responding and wrote; Ozonna Now I’ve gotten your attention and you said that Mr. Peter Obi is a better candidate that’s more than enough, I’m sorry I used your person to get the attention of your Dad,

I have a son too and if you drag him into what concerns me I must make sure to retrace, when you came to limelight in your musical world I rooted for you and listened to you song ( I’ll look for the post ) even when people where like is that really Charles Chukwuma Soludo’s son,

Ozo, I don’t discriminate, I don’t know your sexual preference I’m not even homophobic and I don’t care about how people live their lives or choose to look,

But right now Nigeria is bleeding, and as you rightly said even a right thinking person know that Peter is the man for the job, we don’t seek perfection but closure, at least to salvage a little bit of what was completely damaged,

But your Dad a man who should carry his common sense around is completely bad mouthing the hope the youths have, how? Why? What is he standing to gain? If he is vying for presidency then he should wait when he declares we’ll know,

But now he is not, he is the governor of a state that is currently being taxed their life out of them, he hasn’t even made a single impact yet he is talking about Peter Obi, that’s disheartening and disappointing,

I love you Ozonna it hurt me to put that out here  as I initially spoke against anyone talking bad about your person till lots of things your Dad was saying started trickling in,

I am sorry if I hurt your feelings, your beautiful inside out and the way you are so is your music, your life is definitely free and trust me, you might look weird in the eyes of many but you have peace more than most of the person that thinks you are,

Forgive me and understand this is desperate times and desperate measures are being taken for this only country we have to be free just like you are free !!

My name is Nnamdi Paulcy Iwuala I speak blunt from my heart and every word I said here I meant it all, I fear no one, the only thing humans fear is death and fear of death is something I have conquered  !!

You are loved and I am sorry !!


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