Peter Obi’s exit from PDP & Igbos in Nigeria in 2023 | NN NEWS

By Kindness Jonah

The last minute dump of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) by arguably the most favoured party flag bearer, Mr. Peter Obi, speaks volumes of the intrigues that evoke political happenstances both within the party and outside.

First, within PDP. The political chess game of cooling frayed nerves in Nigeria via rational thought of zoning the presidency to the South East has proved to be enmeshed in the myopia of political re- engineering that exists in limbo.

It has evoked the feeling that PDP is after all not also exonerated from the condemnable Sabre rattling of Igbo phobia befuddling the Nigerian political, social and religious landscape since 1970.

It has also proved to the gladiators of Biafra existentiality that, that is the way the cookie has ever crumbled at the nick of time in any political permutation in Nigeria that leaves the Igbo out of Nigeria or forwards Nigeria without the Igbo, whichever way the captain of the Nigerian ship defines it.

Ideological convolutions becloud the political space in Nigeria whenever political interest of the Igbo is called into play. The frustration of Peter Obi out of PDP presidential ticket is the animate sore point in the 2023 political drib- a- drab.

On the outside scene, the junketing within Nigeria to solicit for justice for the Igbo would mean a backlash that justifies Biafra’s proclivity, and a tendency towards locating the equilibrium far right of Nigeria, but proximity – favoured Biafra.

The energization of the quest for self-determination has to touch the neplus ultra this political auspicious time of 2023 , because the purveyors would gladiate on self – approving political contours, whether undulating or not.

The possible affectation within Enugu State is not ostracized from the epicenter of the entire Igbo heartbeat on the dicey issue.

Since the center of fairness has refused to hold, the tincture of Absalom’s Maxim in the Holy Book has to be cued. If Nigeria refuses to hold Israel together, then the avatarical exposition cannot be sinful: “To your tents, oh Israel!”

Surely , Peter Obi’s frustrative exit from PDP speaks volumes of the rudderless and contortive mobility of amoeba called Nigeria.

To stop the constantly eliciting cantankerous dissuasions whenever the Igbo is poised to becoming Nigerian Head of Government, let Nigerians collectively ventilate the angst of the Rising Sun by the velvet dissolution principle of Czechoslovakia.

Submitted by Comrade Kindness Jonah, Civil Liberties Organization–CLO South East Zonal Headquarters Enugu

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