Prof Nwabueze advises FG to embrace nonviolent disintegration says Nigeria heading for a violent disintegration | NN NEWS

Prof C. Nwabueze, Chairman of Igbo Leaders of Thought (ILT), has on Wednesday June 9, 2021, lamented that the country seems to be heading for a violent disintegration that will not only be more tedious than that of 1967-1970, but could also cause a holocaust.

He urged all parties to the present raging national conflicts to either embrace peace and sanity or negotiate nonviolent disintegration.

In a statement titled ‘A timely warning,’ he referenced a similar call by former President Nnamdi Azikiwe.

Nwabueze said: “About this time in 1964 Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, the ceremonial President of the country in his characteristic manner, warned of the impending calamity about to befall the country, and pleaded for a peaceful disintegration of the country rather than through battles and wars.

“It seems appropriate at this point to draw attention to Dr Azikiwe’s warning. Nigeria seems to be heading towards a danger of wars and disintegration that will be more tedious than those of 1967-1970.

“Circumstances have changed over the past 50 years and lessons ought to have been learnt. More federations have disintegrated, in fact, all other federations apart from the ill-conceived, ill-structured Nigeria federation.

“The social media are afloat and no one can stop them. Mercenaries and western political adventurers are all over in search of plunder and fighting.

“Poorly equipped nations have grown beyond their initial position and can no longer be intimidated or crushed.

“The next fight will not be a small encounter, but a holocaust, and that is why I am writing.

“On behalf of Igbo Leaders of Thought (ILT), I warn as Azikiwe did, for peace and sanity.

“The command of troops may in the end prove to be mere cosmetic than real.

“If we must disintegrate let us meet and decide how to do that. I repeat, no one owns this country; a word is enough for the wise”, he ethused.

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