Referendum: Buhari to dialogue with Biafra separatists | NN NEWS

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Chris Ngige, minister of labour, says President Muhammadu Buhari has accepted the adoption of dialogue to address agitations in the south-east. 

NN News reported that South East and South South has been clamoring for a referendum to separate peaceful from Nigeria, but some leader in the zones said they are committed to one united Nigeria anchored on justice, equity, fairness, respect for one another. 

However, the former Anambra State governor disclose this on Sunday, while speaking with state house correspondents after a meeting with president Buhari in Abuja. 

Of recent, there have been attacks on government facilities across the southeast region by unknown gunmen, leading to the killing of several security operatives and innocent civilians. 

While the police and the army have accused the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) of orchestrating the attacks, the group has repeatedly denied any kind of involvement in the attacks. 

However, according to Ngige, the federal government is working out some modalities to ensure that the people of the south-east do not “feel unwanted” in Nigeria. 

“We also looked at the security situation, especially in my zone, the south-east, and we made some proposals to him based on the yearnings on the people, and what the government also wants,” the minister said. 

“We are following up with dialogue, which at the end of the day, is what will happen. We have to talk; we have to discuss. Part of the discussion starts tomorrow. The minister of defence, minister of interior, and service chiefs were in Enugu last Saturday and we’re going to do follow-up meetings on that. 

“We briefed him and he accepted that dialogue is the way to go in all this. Like I keep on saying, there is a very thin line between perception and reality. So, certain things will be done, at least to assuage the feelings of the people in the area, and make them not feel unwanted.

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