Religion should not be used for trial – By Nkiruka Nistoran | NN NEWS

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There is one God. The divinity that gave us the desire to be happy and the power to suffer. God has many names around the world, but in one people’s soul is the one and only God. 

Since the inquisition, dark ages of Christianity more than 500 years ago, when so called witches were burned on fire and so called heretics were killed without judgement, all in God’s name, Christian religion learned and continue learning not to use the power of justice to trial and convict people, no matter the crimes. 

But I don’t want to speak about religion. I just want to raise few question: 

– in this moment of our history, do we still believe that religion should be used to judge a person’s acts? 

– should religion be used to cover justice’s corruption? 

– people should stop desiring to be happy, together with their own families, in their own countries, due to religion? 

God show us the right answers, no matter the religion. 

Therefore, the trial of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of free Biafra, a person who loves and cherries life and truth, cannot be EVER ruled under Sharia or any under religious rules. A person dedicated to build the future of his people, based on self-determination rights and as a proud free nation, cannot be EVER trialed based on Sharia, Christian or any other religion rules. 

It is such a petty the worldwide organizations continue to be late in reaction, insensitive when basic human rights are broken in countries that need special attention, inefficient in decisions and application of UN Charta. 

Leaders of these organizations, do what is right! Free Nnamdi Kanu! The only God is 

watching you! 

Opinion dated March 21, 2017, at the time Nigerian government wanted to use sharia court to trial Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader.

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