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The House of Representatives, yesterday, gave a marching order to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and other security agencies to go after the manufacturers and dealers of Crystal Meth, popularly called Mkpuru miri, in the South East, Daily Sun reports. 

The House also charged the NDLEA to commence a massive enlightenment campaign across the country, on the devastating effects of crystal meth on the society, especially the younger generation. 

Similarly, the House resolved to increase the 2022 budget of the NDLEA, to enable the agency to step up the fight against illicit drugs in the country. 

These followed the adoption of a motion by Henry Nwawuba, on “urgent need to sensitise Nigerians on dangers and widespread use of crystal meth on our youths.” 

Nwawuba, in his motion, informed the House that there is an epidemic of crystal meth in the country, with the youths as the major victims. 

The lawmaker said: “Crystal Meth is a crystal narcotic hallucinogen that is capable of destroying a person’s mentality…. an estimated 75 percent of the users in our society are adversely affected and they have become a burden to their families and communities.” 

He added that “many homes in the South East are currently facing the dangers and effects of methamphetamine, nicknamed ‘Mkpuru miri’ which translates to seed of water. 

The drug has the capacity to give false confidence, false hopes and heightened consciousness to the users to the point that they become bold and fearless. There are videos (on users) in social media; in one of such videos, a user actually beheaded a human being.” 

The Deputy Minority Leader, Toby Okechukwu, said the law enforcement agents should go after the manufacturers and dealers, to stop further manufacturing and distribution of the illicit drug. 

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