Residents flee as Bandit’s commander invades village over father’s arrest by security operatives | NN NEWS

Militant Fulani bandits loyal to a prominent bandit commander in Zamfara State, known as Turji, are on the rampage, abducting villagers and travellers in Shinkafi Local Government Area in reaction to a recent arrest of the bandit’s father 

The attacks started on Friday and have continued with about 150 persons taken hostage by the group; Daily Trust reported. 

Daily Trust gathered that Turji’s father was picked up in Kano by security agents about two weeks ago and his whereabouts remained unknown. 

The villages sacked on Friday include Kurya, Keta, Kware, Badarawa, Marisuwa, Maberaya, among others. 

Aside from sacking the villages, the bandits also reportedly abducted many travellers along the Gusau-Sokoto Road. 

It was gathered that the bandits’ leader vowed that if his father would be stopped from performing the upcoming sallah at home then he would also ensure that many other people did not perform the festival with their families. 

“He was called on the phone during a meeting between the communities and security agents and he faulted the basis of his father’s arrest, saying he is the one that is the terrorist, with his location known, and saw no reason his father will be abducted,” a source who was at the meeting told Daily Trust. 

Another source, who spoke to our reporter, said Turji had sent a warning to “friendly villages” asking them to vacate. 

His men also went into Shinkafi town Friday night where they abducted five women. 

A resident of the town, Mohammed Sani, said that a rocket-propelled grenade fired into the town destroyed parts of the emir’s palace. 

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