Restructure Nigeria for peace to reign – Prelate Uche

The Prelate of Methodist Church of Nigeria, Dr. Chukwuemeka Uche, has called for restructuring of the country for peace to reign.

Prelate Uche made the call during interview with TheSun, he said that the rain started to beat Nigeria six months after independence.

What makes us unhappy and uncomfortable in Nigeria is the rate of insecurity. It has reached an alarming stage and people are no longer safe to travel by road or go to farm. This problem of insecurity is why we talk of restructuring, because Nigeria is too big for one person to manage

The only thing is that Nigerians smile when they are suffering. Look at what happened in Mali, we don’t want what happened in Egypt to happen in Nigeria, our leaders should behave themselves, they should know they are the servants of the people and not their lords.

When asked about the agitations across the country; Biafra, Oduduwa and more may still come, why; he said, It is a reaction to the prevailing situation in the country where some groups felt being dominated by others, which should not be so.

Where there is injustice, where equity is cast overboard and fair play not applied, and things are done in lopsided manner and one group tries to dominate or conquer others, you would expect agitations especially in a multi ethnic and multi religious nation like Nigeria.

When people get their fair share of the commonwealth of the nation, there will be no problem in the country. We should remove fear in governance; we should be wise and look for people who mean well for this country.

I know many people have different meanings to it, but we can go back and bring out the 2014 Confab report and begin to implement it. It still baffles why that document was not allowed to see the light of the day. People should be liberal enough; I think that will help us as a nation. We should look at other countries around us and see the progress they are making. Some of them were far behind us. Look at how we go about with elections, killing people, burning of cars, houses in order to prevent people from making their choices.

People are deprived of their right, our youth graduate from school, they are unable to get employment; so, they become extremely venerable and could be used to kill if given a gun. They are hungry as there is no food for them. Hunger is the worst thing that can happen to anybody. Hunger is a killer and more dangerous than Coronavirus. Once people are satisfied, their needs are meet, and their right is given to them, then banditry will become a thing of the past; crime and criminalities of all sorts will reduce to the barest minimum.

Prelate Uche advised that Nigerians should take their destinies into the hands.

God has brought us together, this idea of I’m Igbo, I’m Yoruba, I ‘m Hausa, I’m Ijaw, I’ Fulani, I’m Tiv, I’m Itsekiri, is not going to help us as a nation.

I want to warn our leaders should behave so that we won’t see ourselves in a situation where foreign interest will not come to mediate for us. The way we are going, if we allow inter-tribal war, foreign interest will want to come and fight because of the abundant natural resources in the country. At the end of the day, there will be killings, and who are the victims, Nigerians. So that is why we should not allow it. History will not be kind to anybody who tries to divide Nigeria under his leadership; posterity will curse such a person. That is the more reason anybody in leadership in Nigeria should behave and know that he or she is holding the people’s mandate.

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