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By Christian Aburime

The Anambra November 6, governorship election is surely going to be an ‘acid test’ to be determined largely by the people of Anambra State 

The power to determine who becomes their governor after Governor Willie Obiano’s eventful years, rests squarely with them. And that power will be fully exercised on November 6, later in the year 

What has however appears so obvious is the unmistakable fact that Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo, the APGA leading guber candidate, remains the most popular and also the most favoured by Ndi Anambra to be their next governor 

This has become an open truth visibly expressed and shown by the people of the state and majority of the political juggernauts and gladiators within the political space. 

Aside the continuous endorsements that keep coming the way of Soludo as the preferred candidate of choice by some key political heavyweights, the ordinary people of Anambra are also expressing their endorsements and support across the 21 LGAs of the State in their own world. 

The conversations largely has been centered on Soludo’s candidacy as the right and perfect choice for governorship in the state. 

In the market place, barbing salon, inside keke and Buses, among the artisans, the Okada riders, market women and the youths, the conversation remains the same. Soludo remains the favourite and most preferred candidate amongst the other governorship aspirants 

The presence of the former CBN Governor at any event or gathering has also suddenly assumed a magnetic form. His aura and physical presence sends the people into a hysteria moments of joy and happiness. Indeed, the people cannot hide their love and preference for him. They will always yell and cry for ‘Soludo Solution’ in such an emotional and affectionate manner never seen in the political history of Anambra State 

Even when Soludo drives around within the state he receives cheers and shouts of Odenigbo!!! … Solution!!! … from the enthusiastic and ever-supportive people of Anambra state 

One thing is however certain, the people have made their choice known. Soludo is their choice. And he remains emphatically the people’s choice! 

As the people have made their choice known, APGA delegates should on June 23 align with the people’s choice for a resounding victory come November 6, 2021. It’s settled. I stand with Soludo!

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