Spain vs. Germany: Heavyweight Thriller Ends in a Tie | NN News

Germany meets the moment and keeps its World Cup hopes alive.

Spain broke through on Álvaro Morata’s goal, but Niclas Füllkrug’s strike in the 83rd minute leveled for Germany.

This is how fine the margins can be: As the first bout between heavyweights of this World Cup ticked into injury time on Sunday, Álvaro Morata of Spain found himself cantering into the penalty area, the ball at his feet, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer’s net looming ever larger in his vision. Behind him, Nico Schlotterbeck of Germany was straining to close ground.

There were, at that point, two possible outcomes for Germany. They were separated in the moment only by a heartbeat, a blink of an eye, a blade of grass. But they carried with them two destinies that were not just distinct, but worlds apart. It was not just Germany’s hope of reaching the knockout rounds that hung in the balance, but estimations of its soccer culture, the international careers of its players and possibly the continuing employment of its manager.

In one outcome, Schlotterbeck would not make it back. Having already scored for Spain, Morata would take a touch to set himself, then send another shot careening past Neuer. Germany would lose its first two games at this tournament. The grumbling since Germany’s 2-1 loss to Japan on Wednesday would resume.

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