State Govts are running away from Responsibilities – Ex-Minister, Osita Chidoka | NN NEWS

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A former Minister of Aviation, Osita Chidoka has said, Nigerian governors are shying away from responsibilities, insisting that they have not fully utilized the powers allotted to them. 

Chidoka said this on Saturday at The Platform, a programme organized by The Covenant Nation. 

“The powers of our states are guaranteed. So, the states have no business going to Abuja except to collect their allocations,” he explained. 

“If they want to establish universities, they are at liberty. If they want to set up medical health centres and attract doctors from around the world, they are at liberty. What is holding them back is work avoidance. Our state governments are avoiding work and we the people have been deceived that the problem is in Abuja. No, the problem is not in Abuja. The problem is in our states. 

He cited the Federal Capital Territory as a classical example of the devolution of powers, reiterating that if state governments eschew laziness, the country will leave up to its potential. 

While he said he is not against restructuring, the former governorship candidate of the United Progressives Party (UPP), however, wants proponents to be clear on what should be restructured. 

“Tell me what you (restructuring proponents) want removed from the exclusive list and brought to the concurrent list,” Chidoka asked. 

‘Spirit Of Naija’ 

According to him, many young Nigerians have disconnected from the country, claiming that the present cabinet is not a true reflection of the West African nation. 

“The young people have disconnected from Nigeria. Let us take the spirit of Naija and infuse it into Nigeria. Nigeria has failed,” he added. “Young people should not wait at home and wait for reform. Reform is a scam.” 

He said the “Naija” spirit is that of innovation, excellence, and creativity. 
“So, what you need is to take the spirit of Naija. That space where you have freedom; where there is no federal character; that space where we don’t know tribes and tongues,” the chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) added. 

“That space where we are discussing how to make the next I. T business. That space where you are talking about the next innovation.” 

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