Tight security at National Assembly over alleged security threat | NN NEWS

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Increased security was observed at the National Assembly on Thursday as security agents spent more time inspecting vehicles coming into the assembly complex. 

The search of vehicles was more intense than normal causing a long queue at the entrance into the assembly, Channels Television correspondent observed. 

Staff and journalists also spent more time trying to get into the complex. 

According to reports, there was an alleged security threat which necessitated the tighter inspection. 

The country has been experiencing a wave of insecurity issues, including but not limited to an insurgency in the North-East, banditry in the North-West, secessionist agitations in the South-East and Fulani-Herdsmen crises across the Middle-Belt and several South-West states. 

Earlier this week, Governor, Abubakar Bello, said the Federal Capital Territory was no longer safe after Boko Haram terrorists took over a community in Niger State. 

Niger shares a long border with the FCT. 

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday sought the assistance of the United States in fighting insecurity across the country. 

The House of Representatives on Wednesday also inaugurated a 40-man committee to find a solution to the country’s security challenges. The committee is set to hold a four-day security summit in May.

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