Tony Nnadi: Nnamdi Kanu incitements caused Orlu Mayhem, accuses WIC of complicity | NN NEWS

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*The genesis of the ongoing Military Operation in Orlu and environs is that Nnamdi Kanu’s so-called “Eastern Security Network” ambushed Soldiers and Policemen on escort of Company Goods to a Private Aluminum Company Facility in Orlu, resulting in casualties. That ambush was grossly exaggerated by the Propaganda Machinery of the Rogue Biafra Franchise as “ESN” confrontations with the Nigerian Military with more Videos claiming the sweeping of Fulani Herders off the Forests of Igboland. The Military launched the ongoing Operation in response to all these.* 

*At a time the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria Cooperating as the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS) have launched a Strategic Joint Action that Isolates the Fulani Caliphate and their Herdsmen Militia, along with the 1999 Constitution that bring them to our space for a Decisive End-of-Union Showdown, it is great pity that the Igbo will allow unconscionable Merchants of the Rogue Biafra Franchise to continue in their nefarious trade of wasting innocent blood in the Homeland in the name of a totally Meaningless “Biafra Restoration”* 

*As was the case in Python Dance, Emene and Obigbo, the only reason our People are being massacred in Orlu and Ihiala areas today by the Bloodthirsty Military of Caliphate Nigeria is that a few people are bent on hoodwinking our People in search of quick gains. The Greater Tragedy is that the Leadership of the World Igbo Congress (WIC) lined itself up behind the entire Bloody Scam.* 

*No one can justify the murderous incursions of the Rogue Nigerian State into the Igbo Space nor the reckless complicity of the Governors of Igboland in the mass murder of our People in the Homeland by the so-called Federal Government, but we must find the courage and wisdom as a People to honestly and Strategically engage existential threat we are caught in, as emotions and propaganda do not amount to Strategy.* 

*Tony Nnadi* 

*February 20, 2021.* 

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