Umahi to Igbo: Submit your Agitations, give us 6 months to address them | NN NEWS

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David Umahi, governor of Ebonyi, has asked the Igbo to submit their agitations and give the government six months to address their grievances. 

There have been agitations for secession from people of the south-east region. 

Speaking on Saturday, May 9, 2021, during the conclusion of an eight-day prayer organised by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Ebonyi, Umahi said it is better for the country to stay united. 

According to NAN, the governor added that the Igbo “can then do what they like” if their grievances are not addressed, adding that he believes in a country where oneness, freedom, equity, and justice exist. 

“I do not believe in second-class citizenship where a section of the country is being seen to be superior to others. We are all created by God and no one should talk of disintegrating the country,” he said. 

“I want Igbos to submit these agitations and I would lead the governors and leaders of the zone to the centre to address these grievances. 

“The groups can then do what they like if after six months, we fail to address these grievances. 

“We would tell the authorities in Abuja that our people are aggrieved, but such cannot be addressed by insulting the president, governors and leaders from other regions of the country.” 

On his part, Abraham Nwali, Ebonyi CAN Chairman, advised Nigerians to embrace peace. 

“There has been no destruction or armed robbery in the state since this prayer and fasting session commenced as this shows God’s divine mercy upon the state,” he said. 

“No country would experience the present situation in Nigeria and still remain one yet the citizens are bracing the inherent challenges with fortitude.” (NAN)

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