UN: Boko Haram have more checkpoints in North-East now than military

The United Nations on Thursday January 16 has decried the alleged increased number of checkpoints manned by Boko Haram terrorists in the North-East region of Nigeria.

According to the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria Mr. Edward Kallon, the increased number of checkpoints manned by insurgents have exposed more aid workers to attacks.

He continues; “I am extremely worried by the increasingly insecure environment that humanitarians are working in to provide urgent and vital assistance to civilians affected by the crisis.

“The humanitarian community is troubled by the increased trend in vehicular checkpoints set up by non-state armed groups along main supply routes in the states of Borno and Yobe.

“These checkpoints expose civilians and humanitarians to heightened risks of being killed or abducted.”

Kallon also disclosed that a total of 12 humanitarian workers were killed last year, which is double the number recorded in 2018.

The UN humanitarian coordinator who insisted that insecurity has increased in the North-East region and has led to attacks on aid workers, called on the Nigerian government to intensify its effort in protecting aid workers and residents of the state to avoid gross violations of international laws.

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