UN Bombing 10th Memorial: Time for the truth — US should declassify identities of American Victims and Nigerian Taliban/Alqaeda terrorists | NN NEWS


On that fateful day I was in Abuja and scheduled to meet with an American lawyer colleague at the UN with whom I had been on a speaker panel the previous week. 

I however went first to the Nigerian Supreme Court to felicitate with my classmate who was being sworn in as a SAN when I received a call from an embassy informing me of the bombing of the UN. 

Sadly, 10 years after, there has been no real justice for the victims of the bombing. 

Worse still, the US continues to deny that Americans were ever victims of Boko Haram terrorism particularly in that blast including in FOIA requests we filed. I call on President Biden to declassify the information on American victims of Boko Haram. 

Given the implosion of Afghanistan, I also call on America to declassify its findings on Nigerians captured amongst Alqaeda’s foreign fighters there 20 years ago. 

A couple of years ago, Nigeria’s former President Obasanjo informed me that he was never given intelligence about Nigerians fighting for Bin Laden. This failure is a proximate cause of the establishment of “The Nigerian Taliban” which later became known as Boko Haram and evolved to the world’s deadliest terrorists. 

Now that formerly exiled and imprisoned Taliban operatives have returned to power and terrorism resumed, it is all the more important now that their Nigerian accomplices are identified and that those involved in protecting them are exposed. 

Finally we condemn the harassment of Channels TV journalists by the Nigerian government for addressing urgent issues of national security on their show. 

Rather than deploy security assets to rescue abducted children and military personnel, the Buhari regime is engaging in a misguided shadow boxing against the truth. Only a failed government would consider fighting journalists instead of terrorists. 

The images from Afghanistan were unsettling but the ones from Nigeria which the world isn’t seeing are deeply disturbing (see below) 

Our condolences go once again to the families of the deceased international civil servants and partners as well those continuing to die needlessly in Nigeria 10 years after.  

•Emmanuel Ogebe, Managing Partner of US NIGERIA LAW GROUP, wrote this piece to mark the 10th year memorial of the UN bombing in Nigeria by Boko Haram on August 26, 2011. 

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