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My name is Daniel. I am Nkiruka’s proud husband. And I am writing this article because I am married with the most beautiful and strongest Biafran woman. And I will continue to write articles. 

I was not hiding (and I am not old, maybe I’m ugly… or I am very handsome…) as some thought. 

I was in Brussels with my wife. Twice. I knew that city very well and I enjoyed visiting again, meeting friends and making new Biafran friends.

I was in all Biafrans meetings in Romania, hosted in our place or other places. I was in Abuja for 2 years. I could not go to my family place because of security rules. Do not take me wrong, my skin is not black. I am white man, proud of my origin.  As you are. 

This is my first article, so bear with me. I do not want to sound, look, behave like a conqueror. I will try to share facts that you should use to admit Africa has been conquered long time back, many still taking advantage of this, but YOU can NOW conquer the world. 

I was thinking how I can support my wife’s dedication to raise our kids into an independent Biafra, anchored to the future and rooted to origins. Maybe if I will share with you, on Nkiru’s site, world’s history references that you can build understanding of the future of Biafra, we can all understand why UNITY is key to achieve our goal. I am planning to share history snapshots from all continents of the world, from all times, affecting all rases, originated from all religions. 

A great man dreamed and said something like this, I am just using his words: Learning from the past is the way to build the future. As YOU should do to build Biafra. Learn from the past, build for the future. 

In Romania, we have a saying: unde este unu nu este putere, unde sunt doi puterea creste. After translating this, think if you are one or two? Or millions? 

Be united and stay connected for my first history reference. It will come before Christian Orthodox Easter. 

And for the gossipers, entertainers and fighters: sharpen your weapon (I hope brain is one of them), forget for now who should be leading and try to remember an old principle: stay together and do not leave anybody behind. 

For Biafra flag!

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