UNN undergraduate narrates how he was robbed by soldiers in Umuahia | NN NEWS

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika

A student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka has recounted how he was robbed by men suspected to be soldiers in Umuahia, Abia State capital

The undergraduate whose name is E. E. Anthony said he was moving from BCA to another place called gate around 10am when soldiers stopped the Keke tricycle that was conveying him to his destination.

He was instructed to come down from the tricycle by the soldiers who interrogated him.

Anthony said the soldiers asked him where he lives and his occupation. He told them he was a UNN student and also presented his ID card to them

Anthony said, “I was on my way from BCA to gate around 10am in Umuahia Abia state (it was my first time there).

“The Keke carrying me was stopped mid way and I was asked to alight my transport.

“I did and was interrogated by armed officials numbering up to 10 in green camouflage (and speaking in hausa language).

“They asked about my residence and my occupation, I responded that I was a UNN student and showed them my national ID card. They asked for my mobile phone.

Anthony further said that the soldiers requested for his phone but he told them it was off but they insisted that he must present it to them

The suspected soldiers whom he alleged were speaking in Hausa language asked him if he has a Twitter handle but he said no

“I was reluctant but subsequestly told them it was switched off, they told me to bring it out, accused me of turning it off after seeing them. They told me to hand it over to them which i did, they tried turning it on but it wouldn’t.

“They then asked me if I use twitter
Thankfully, I’m one of those that choose instagram over twitter. I told them I didn’t have an active Twitter account.

He also said that the soldiers requested to know the content of his wallet. Anthony said he gave it to them but after searching it, they returned the wallet without his money. And they were instructed to go after the intimidation.

“They asked for the content of my purse and I emptied it and gave them. They checked it and returned it but my money wasn’t there. Then they told me and the keke man to go. We left highly traumatized. I only came to Umuahia yesterday to see a friend, my first time ever.

“I don’t know if they’re real soldiers or armed robbers in military uniform. But I’m pained that the N1,200 I was dashed this morning (the only money with me) was stolen from me at gun point in a seeming residential area. I’m sharing this story for the Abia State government and military authorities to stop this madness.

“Everybody is suffering in Nigeria and no one deserves to be extorted by others, especially those in military uniform. If they’re robbers, that’s even more scary. Please forward to government and security authorities if you know them.

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