Update: Three feared killed in multiple blasts in Borno state

Three members of a family have been feared killed following multiple explosions at a community in the central part of Borno.

Residents of Kafan Ruwa in Konduga Local Government, a remote community some 40 kilometres from Maiduguri were woken up by blasts at about 1am on Sunday.

The explosions occurred near a house with all the family members inside, two residents of Maiduguri who hail from the area told The Sun, citing information provided to them by their relations.

However, some security sources put the casualty figure at one. They said the wife and son were badly injured and not dead as claimed by some media reports.

Neither the military nor police have commented on the incident. It was the second incident in a week, coming after twin explosions killed four persons at s commercial area in Maiduguri last week.

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