US indicts Kanu led IPOB for attacking Christians in Nigeria – Iroanya alleged

The United States Committee on Inter-religious Freedom indicted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for the persecution of Christians in Nigeria.

This was made known by a member of Lower Niger Congress, Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya in an exclusive interview with ElombahNews.


Nnamdi Kanu attacking Christians

Dr. Iroanaya forwarded details of the report to ElombahNews and deflated claims by IPOB that they worked for the Executive Order by American President, Donald Trump.

President Trump had in June, 2020 signed an executive order to promote religious freedom overseas.

While speaking , Dr. Iroanaya said that his group ( Lower Niger Congress) worked with their partner to ensure that Nigeria is included in the Executive Order to promote religious Freedom.

He said, “I want you to fact check, this whole thing is about protecting Christians ( Executive order). It is mainly inter-religious freedom. They released the report country by country when it came to Nigeria, they identified some organisations persecuting Christians that United States Committee on Inter-religious Freedom report indicted some organisations persecuting Christians.

Photo: USA Indicts Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB for attacking Christians

Nnamdi Kanu Attacking Christians
The United States Committee on Inter-religious Freedom document that indicted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for attacking Christians in South East Nigeria

“Do you know one of the organizations that was indicted in that report , IPOB. I don’t want to go into details because , it is going to open can of worms.”

Speaking on Nigeria’s situation, he said the problem with Nigeria started in 1966 when Military took over.

Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya Member, Lower Niger Congress (LNC)
Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya
Member, Lower Niger Congress (LNC)

He said, “Nigeria is undoubtedly as cross road , it all started in 1966, when the Military took over , with all the things that happened especially Decree 14 of Gown in 1967 that abolished regions that is where all the problems of the country started , since then things have hone from bad to worse from fry pan to fire .

” The whole situation became very chaotic , the country is lopsided, you have constitution that says there will be no state religion at the same time , another section exclusively reserved for sharia system. Nigeria is ranking member of OIC.

” The 1999 constitution which centralized everything is an anti-development there have to be an agreement to a union , the rules that govern that Union , let us tell ourselves the truth of we conduct referendum today, can we beat our chest that all ethnic nationalities will want to stay in Nigeria as nation, that they want to be in the lopsided union, where it is only the Northerners , an Hausa Fulani that are qualified to be the EFCC chairman.

“It is only Northern part of this country that we have 95 percent of Military Institutions till date.

” They started with what they call quota system where by if a child scores 3 percent federal institution that child will be qualified while the one that scored 70 percent or 80 percent will not be qualified from Southern part of the country.

” This started in 60s, 70s do we not suppose to have time frame for quota system. It is not sustainable. ”

Speaking about unstable power supply in the Nigeria, Dr. Iroanaya said Nigeria has sixth largest gas in the world .

He told ElombahNews, ” what is Electricity for goodness sake , Nigeria has sixth largest gas in the world, all you need to do is to get the gas, scrub it and compress it and sent it to turbine, it is as simple as that , when things are left I’m the.hand of Federal government it is not going to work.

” When you look at these things you will see that Nigeria is really at the cross road.”

When asked whether Nigeria should be a union, he said, ” we need to ask that question in fact that is fundamental that is where we start, should we be in Union? must we all be in Union if yes, let those who don’t want to be in that Union go their way.

“If we be in a union under what terms and conditions, are we going to be in a union of equal partners or are we going to be in Union of Master and slaves relationship, so that is the situation, o totally agree that Nigeria is at 100 percent cross road.

” When we are operating regional system , we performed better that when we have centralised system.

“Restructuring is not going to help us at all because at the end of the day, we are going to have Omnibus federal government, we are still going to have somebody at the center.

” Any restructuring you are going to do must be subjected to constitution amendment. The greatest thing anyone can do is to lie to himself . You cannot do anything that is against the interred of the North , they are waiting for you at the section 9 of the Constitution.

” The beat option is for us to dismember and go on our several ways , by the way who is even afraid of forming their own country. We don’t need a big population to be a super power , it is not about population.

” There countries that are smaller in population, they are like paradise compare to Nigeria.

” I am for total dismemberment. We don’t have common value system . The way to so it is through a referendum . It is doable through referendum. If people say they want referendum, there is nothing anybody can do about that . It is not a question of begging government, it is the people that are going to demand for it.”

He said that if not the issue of Coronavirus the Lower Niger Congress has perfected plans to unveiled its agenda on referendum and everything is going to work out in matter of weeks.


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