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Baring any last minute change of mind, the governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma may have dumped “Ebubeagu“, the outfit established by the South East governors to ensure security stability in the South East region. 

According to a document obtained by ElombahNews, Governor Uzodinma may be set to establish his own security outfit to be known as “Imo Security Organization “

The document is an Executive Bill titled “A Bill For A Law To Establish The Imo Security Organisation To Assist In Maintaining Law And Order In The State And For Connected Purposes “

Honorable Members of the Imo House of Assembly had passed the Bill to formally establish the Imo Security Organization (IMSO). 

The Governor’s signature is expected to make it law, providing legal backing for the outfit that has been on the drawing board. 

This medium observed, however, that there was curiously no mention of Ebubeagu, which Uzodinma is a signatory to, in the Bill. 

Details of the Bill enacted by the House of Assembly of Imo State reads in part as follows: 

“This Law may be cited as the Imo Security Organisation (IMSO) Law and shall come Into force on the day of ………………..2021. 

“In this Law, unless the context otherwise requires: 

“Agu” is the symbol of the Imo Security Organization depicted by the image of a tiger; 

“Attorney-General” means the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice of Imo State; 

“Firearm” has the meaning assigned to it under the Firearms Act; 

“Governor” means the Governor of Imo State; 

“Governor-in-Council” means the Governor acting with’ the advice of the Executive Council of the State; 

“IMSO” means officials engaged under the Imo Security Organisation established by this Law; 

“Management Team” shall include the State Coordinator, the Zonal Commanders and the Deputy Zonal Commander; 

“Ministry of Justice” means the Ministry of Justice of lmo State”, et al. 

When contacted for clarifications, a senior member of the Senator Uzodinma-led Imo State Government expressed confusion over the apparent deviation. 

He said the the governor was clearly involved in and even championed the making of Ebubeagu but could not understand why “Ebubeagu” will suddenly be changed to “IMSO”. 

He pleaded for some time for the decision to become clear before he can comment further on it. 

Other government officials contacted over the development either quickly changed the topic or completely declined to comment about it. 

See a copy of the Bill obtained by ElombahNews below: 

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