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By Collins Opurozor 
Imo should be in a hurry to develop. This should be the preoccupation of political governance in the state. Life today has become sorrowful in the state, especially over the last eighteen months. Once revered, once celebrated, Imo now occupies the top positions in all indices of social misery. And the last unacceptable verdict is that life expectancy in Imo has dropped to 55 years, which now falls below the national average of 58, even when the North East, with festering insurgency and extreme poverty is at 57. This is a disaster! 
What is even more disastrous is that Chief Hope Uzodinma does not have any agenda to arrest the situation. No plans. No programs. No policies. He disbands a team of sharks today, and tomorrow shops for another team of chameleons and barracudas. He had described his allies and appointees as liars, money-minded fraudsters, unreliable fellows and moles to the opposition, yet after sacking them he goes all out to search for their more notorious equivalents.  
How can a state move forward when the worldview of its so-called leader is blurred by the obsession to destroy instead of to build? How can a regime mired in legitimacy crisis ever consolidate power and work for common good when the deepest passion of the leader is to hire lewd propagandists and bare-faced merchants of crisis? Uzodinma is certainly in Imo for something else, never for governance. 
An N8 million proposal to the regime from someone sacked by the opposition for fraud and misconduct is offering to help raise an army of social media attackers for Uzodinma across the state. A N130 million proposal by a disengaged commissioner is also offering to train social media propagandists for the regime.  
To acquire some media attack dogs from the camp of Chief Rochas Okorocha, the regime has promised to abandon every recovery effort around Okorocha’s son-in-law, Uche Nwosu. So, when you hear of anyone moving from Okorocha’s extended political family to support Uzodinma, simply know that the price Imo people are paying is that no assets acquired by Uche Nwosu would be recovered by Uzodinma! And one would wonder: Is the problem of governance in Imo state lack of attack dogs and propaganda machineries? 
However, very soon again, just like chameleons, they will display their unreliability, and like sharks they will prey on innocent victims, and like barracudas consume their own kind. They are brought together by the logic of attraction of homogeneous species. Likes attract likes. That is the logic that will play out at last.

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