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By Collins Opurozor

…Commissioner arrested, others go under ground as…Monumental fraud exposed 

The simmering crisis in the political household of Hope Uzodinma has at last grown into a fierce battle, as appointees and footsoldiers of his government over the weekend drew their swords against one another. 

Those who see themselves as favourites have teamed up against the unfavoured ones, while those who are not making money from the administration have also organized themselves against those who enrich themselves, and the first casualty has become the loquacious Commissioner for Transportation, Rex Anunobi, who has been reportedly arrested and put behind bars in the most humiliating manner. It is said that those who in their quest for power ride on the back of a tiger will end up in the belly of the tiger. 

The administration, which has since been defined and defiled by subterfuge, blackmail, eye-service and sycophancy, got plunged into full-blown battle which seared up immediately Uzodinma announced that most of his appointees were moles working against his shaky regime. 

In a bid to save their jobs, appointees started working against fellow appointees, and inundating their principal with reports of underhand happenings in the government in order to please the Omuma-born governor. Anunobi, who is said to be in police custody, became the first to be axed, not because the administration wants to fight corruption and flush out the corrupt elements within their circle, but because the Nkwerre-born career political jobber is allegedly hobnobbing with some suspected enemies of the government. 

For long, Imo people have been groaning under the excruciating torture levied upon them by this administration across sectors. In the transportation sector where Anunobi holds sway, multiple taxation and sundry other extortions have become a norm. And now that they want to sacrifice him, the regime has allegedly opened a can of worms created and sustained by the embattled commissioner. Many other appointees have grown jittery, some others are reportedly planning to resign so as to save their faces. 

Meanwhile, Imo people have generally taken to the social media to express their happiness over the raging war. An influential opinion leader in the State has also put it this way, “The household of the enemy shall be torn asunder, and his dwelling place shall never know peace.”

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