Video allegedly seeing Fulani’s trooping into Nigeria

The Nigeria president Mohammadu Buhari has advocated for all part of the country to carve out land for Ruga settlement for Fulani herdsmen who have raped, killed Christians farmers in their farmland but southerners and middle melt rejected the call, says their ancestral land cannot be given to an invader.

Also, some Fulani politicians has said, all Fulani in the west Africa are Nigerians and must be accommodated by Nigerians, while Nigerians kicks against their decision.

According to global world terror group, Fulani militias ranked 4th, why Boko Haram took 1st.


Fulani militias say, Buhari told them, ‘All lands in Nigeria belong to Fulani as thousands floods Nigeria.

Publicată de Nkiruka Nistoran pe Sâmbătă, 21 decembrie 2019

Recall that Fulani Herdsmen had said, ‘All lands in Nigeria belong to Buhari..

The women said that the armed herdsmen often claimed that all lands in the country belonged to President Muhammadu Buhari.

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