We are in endanger species – Mefor tells Eastern Govs, others | NN NEWS

The Director of Biafra Nation and one of the presenter of Biafra human right and freedom radio, who is also leading the total unification of all pro Biafra groups Mazi Uche Mefor has said on the radio monitored by NN News that, of course, we believe in the inherent right of self-defence against violence directed on our people.

Mefor condemned military siege in Orlu, Imo state that have put the lives and properties of Orlu residents in danger, called on the south eastern Nigeria’s governors, politicians, traditional rulers, Igbo groups and others to see the danger our people are facing in the contraption called Nigeria and there is need to set up a security outfit that will be passed into law just like Amotekun in the south west. 

He said, Biafra human rights and freedom radio (BHFR) is dedicated to Biafra restoration project and that the principle of this revolution is anchored on international rights law. 

He words; we are against any open arm struggle. We are against violence. But we are not afraid to defend ourselves when our lives are in danger. But not about going to provoke, condone or insight violence.  

There is a clear distinction between the two, and that is what our people are yet to understand. It doesn’t matter what they think, it doesn’t matter what they say, in the end we will come to the inexornorable position that insighting violence, provocation of such is against the principle upon which we are operating.  

We ask our people to rededicate themselves to the principles of human rights and defence of such and fundamental freedoms of all. It does not remove anything from you. It does not make you less-human. It does not invalidate the quest for the restoration of Biafra. It rather places on the center stage the audacity of the Biafra argument that nobody can actually win over other than the people of Biafra. 

We reassert that we are totally committed to this Biafra restoration project and that the principle of this revolution is anchored on international rights law. And we apply and dedicate ourselves to the defence of human rights, civil liberties and fundamental freedoms of all. Any day we depart from this principle, that is the day we are done for, Mefor stated.

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