We are waiting for you, Nigerians tells Buhari as he embarks on medical trip in London | NN NEWS

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Nigerians in London have threatened to chase President Mohammadu Buhari back to Nigeria as he is planning to embark on a routine medical checkup in Britain. 

Recall that president Mohammadu Buhari’s personal assistant on media and publicity, Femi Adesina announced yesterday night that the president will be visiting London to meet with his doctors for a routine medical checkup. 

However, expressing their anger over the decision of the president to visit London again for a medical trip after budgeting billions of naira annually without any meaningful impact in the health sector, Nigerians in London has vowed to chase President Buhari back to London. 

They said the president must be chased back to Nigeria so that he can use the world class hospital he built back home rather than visiting London. 

In a statement by one of the organizers of the protest against Buhari’s trip, Badero Olusola said, “We shall be waiting for Bokohari in London. 

“He will be sent back to Nigeria to go and use the world class hospitals he built for you. 

“He can go back and use the unpaid doctors he is abandoning in Nigeria. 

“Heartless humans! 

“We are waiting for him ooo!!!”

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