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By Uche Mefor


We believe in lawful self-defence against unlawful use of force or aggression directed to us by the aggressors but not going on provocation or offensive conduct against our own. 

This strategy must be changed or we continue to talk factually in statement of the obvious. If the said protection of lives and properties in Biafraland means making our land battlefield and our people wilful and deliberate victims of violence, then something is fundamentally wrong with strategy and tactics thereof. 

And let me clearer: 

Consciously or unconsciously, 

there is no sincerity in the narrative that our oppressors must die in Biafraland in order to justify an obvious, poorly crafted, self-destructive and misdirected, unilateral campaign of violence. The truth is that on record, the so-called enemies are already and have been in our land long ago but have not in reality the targets nor been the casualties. Instead, the casualties and the targets——the people dying all along since this violent campaign started are Biafrans, and not the aggressors. Of what purpose and need then are all these propaganda, threats and false hope of protection for our youths?

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