We want to be co-owners of Biafra not Nigeria – Nistoran tell Nwodo

Ms. Nkiruka Nistoran has taken on her twitter handle to reply, the president general of Ohaneze Ndigbo Chief John Nina Nwodo over his latest comment on Ndigbo.

According to Vanguard report, Nwodo had said that Ndigbo will not leave Nigeria for anybody as they are co-owners of Nigeria whose forebears got independence for Nigeria.

Although, Nwodo has not refute the report.

But Ms. Nistoran tweeted, asking Nwodo; If Igbo are the co-owner of Nigeria, why haven’t them rule the country? Why are they no seaports, international airports and Headquarters of Nigerian agencies not in the region? We don’t want to be co-owners of Nigeria; we want to be co-owners of Biafra.

She also condemned Ohaneze Ndigbo faction on her twitter, describes it as a political game and plot to create disunity against Ndigbo and urged every Igbo sons and daughters to rejects the splinter;