We’ll end migration of top South East stars to Lagos – Nollywood Producer | NN NEWS

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An International movie producer and entertainment mogul, Mr Kelechukwu Ifeanyi Peter has said he has plans to partner with investors in the entertainment industry to end the migration of top stars from the South East to Lagos. 

Mr Kelechukwu who said it was sad that South East has lost most of its talents to the Lagos market said that he set up a company known as Mallam Figo Entertainment to help discover and sustain talents in the zone. 

“The inspiration is that I look back at the general entertainment industry in Nigeria and it looks like everything was just going to the West, Lagos in particular. Most Southern artist once they get a little fame they move to the West. 

“So I got motivated and I really want to boost the Southeast entertainment sector. We are coming in through music and comedy shows and movie production production generally. I saw the need to bring something back home. We are venturing mainly into movie production; Cinema standard and Netflix standard. We’ll set up films village, television and radio stations. 

“We are already have a project Flipside and music and comedy shows. The Mallam Figo Entertainment is going to be a platform for everyone who is talented and needs to be known. 

“We already did a movie, Flipside, and it consisted of mostly Igbo actors and we have a lot of other movies we are working on. Our movies will consist mainly of Southeast actors. We have a lot of stars like Kolaboy, Quincy, Jaywills, Slowdog. These are people that are in Enugu. 

Speaking on an upcoming comedy show which will be held in the 24th of April, Mr Kelechukwu said that the Steamblaze Experience will would feature top comedians in the country and would also serve as a platform to establish upcoming artists. 

“It will represent the east entirely. Mallam Figo entertainment is a platform and we are calling on the youths to come. Whatever talent you have, we will harness it and bring it to limelight. We don’t want talents to waste anymore in the South East.

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