World Peace Day: Insecurity ‘ll persist in Nigeria, if bad leadership is not remove from power — IVLPAA | NN NEWS

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The International Visitor Leadership Program Alumni Association of Nigeria, IVLPAA, on Wednesday, said unless bad leadership is collectively and roundly tackled, peace may continue to elude Nigeria.

The organisation said with leadership challenges still persisting, insecurity and other societal ills would not be properly controlled.

President of IVLPAA, Ambassador (Dr) Barakat Sani, stated this in Abuja during a rally jointly organised with the Global Peace Foundation Nigeria as part of activities to mark the 2022 International Peace Day with the theme: ‘End racism, build peace’

According to her, without tackling the leadership deficit in the country, peace and unity will not be achieved.

She added that the will give room for insecurity to continue to plague the nation.

“So, the whole essence about leadership is the ability to entrench peace for development. The insecurity across the country has a lot do with the disunity, the poverty and the lack of cooperation across the country,” she said.

Speaking also, the country director, Global Peace Foundation, Rev. John Hayab, described the promotion of religious and ethnic tendencies in the country as worse forms of racism.

Hayab, who is also the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kaduna State, Chapter, also stated that for the respect of human rights should be a hallmark of any democratic nation like Nigeria.

According to him, “Permit me to add here that religion and ethnicity have unfortunately instead of being what brings mankind together, turned out to be great lines of the divide in our societies today.

“For our society to have peace and get to a point of celebrating the benefits of peace, we must understand, tolerate and accept one another’s differences.

“For us at Global Peace Foundation, Nigeria, it is either peace or nothing which is why we continue to preach peace through the umbrella of One Family under God.

“We, therefore, advocate that we look at a fellow based on humanity first before the differences in religion, ethnicity, tribe, region, etc.

“This day is a reminder to us all that regardless of where we come from, what language we speak, and what religion we practice; we are more alike as humans than we are different.

“We must therefore both as individuals and collectively strive to promote a culture of peace to attain the socio-economic and political goal we all desire as a people. For this to happen we should.”


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