You’re adding to our suffering: As Nigerians blasts Labour for suspending schedule strike

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Thousands of Nigerians have taken to social media to express displeasure over the decision of the Organized Labour to call off the planned industrial action over the hikes in electricity tariff and fuel price previously scheduled for Monday, 28th of September.

The Federal Government and the Organized Labour, who had entered into an emergency meeting on Sunday night which lagged until 3am on Monday, had resolved to suspend the electricity tariff increase for two weeks while setting up a joint Committee to examine the justification for the new policy; agreed to provide palliatives to help cushion the effect of the fuel hike while standing firm on its decision to remove subsidy. In turn, the Organized Labour agreed to suspend the much publicized strike.

The news which was reported in the early hours of Monday was greeted which much heat on Twitter as many Nigerian users called the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) a “joke”, “weak”, “compromised” and “not to be taken seriously”. Labour continues to trend number one on Twitter with over 50,000 tweets.

Twitter handler, @ayemujubar “Dear Nigerians, you have no NLC and TUC. None of the conditions was met yet they suspended the strike. Only electricity tariff was suspended for 2 weeks yet they agreed. This is the Next Level you chose, next level of the compromised.”

@simplyomoniyi said: “I have said it several times, we don’t hv labour union anymore. This is d worst set of labour leaders we hv, they are only interested in cashing out and clout chasing. Paschal Bafyau and Adams Oshiomole remain the best labour leaders this country even had. What a pity”

@adio_anthony: “NLC and TUC case must have been settled most likely before the hike in prices. The NLC is not on the side of Nigerian. The NLC are cowards. The NLC has lost the confidence of Nigerians. The NLC lacks the inpetus to fight a just course.”

@yobe_undate: “Trusting the NLC and TUC with the destinies of Nigerians is just a waste of time, an attempt to siphon money and enrich their pockets. Don’t be deceived, these lawless organizations are there for themselves and their families and not the populace.

“For the federal government to have said palliatives will be rolled out for labour union is a clear indication of their inability to fight for justice Remember that “he who plays the piper dictates the tune”.Until Nigerians demand for their rights no one will give them.”

@chiromankanwa tweeted: “This is a joke. NLC is not only a joke, but a disgrace. I think, Nigerian workers should withdraw their memberships from all labor unions, let the politicians just kill them because it will be foolish for them to pay membership dues to a any union that can’t protect their rights.”

@matawalbulus said: “NLC is the MOST USELESS organization I have ever known.
I said it before; in fact, I posted on my group’s WhatsApp platform when the issue of the “planned strike” came up that “don’t be surprised to hear by tomorrow’s morning that the strike has been suspended. Here are we.”

@Dokubo_kenneth: “Dear Nigerians, We have no Labour Union they are just a Toothless Bull Dog, why on earth will call off the strike when none of their terms have been met. Enough of the Mid Night Brown Envelopes.”

@douglas_chike: “I knew it NLC and TUC are just a bunch of clowns. Their sole purpose is to enrich themselves. You should the see type the cars those clowns drive in Abuja. Brown envelope unionists. The price of bread in my area just rose from 500 to 700.”

@TYkrizkofficial said: “Labour is nothing but a total fraud. So after all the agitation nothing has been achieved to cushion the effect of the suffering masses. Suffering continues.”

@abzolute2009 tweeted: “What use is it if the increment is suspended for just 2 weeks and returned after 2 weeks? FG and NLC are same. Fooling us!” [TheSun] Headine Exclusion]

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